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  • Guidance on tangible approaches to software challenges.
  • Tips on maintaining a stable, secure and healthy Rails app.
  • Insights into the importance of modernizing and future-proofing your app.
  • Advice on getting past problems associated with technical debt and legacy code.
  • Real-world practice (sometimes even a little bit of homework!).
  • No sales pitches- just good ol’ fashioned knowledge-sharing.

Real-World Rails Advice.

👉 Save yourself the headache and time stuck on code problems.

👉 Learn new ways to approach these complications.

👉 Resolve those pesky issues lingering in your code.

👉 Discover how to future-proof your software.

📫 FAQs

What can I expect to learn?

That you probably know more than you think you do. That it's not the giant changes that make an app more maintainable but the small, incremental ones. These include a multitude of quick tips to improve your app's documentation and the quality of your code base.

Who's writing Maintainable Rails?

Each email tip is put together by Robby (on Rails) Russell. He's the CEO of Planet Argon, a Ruby on Rails consultancy working on apps since 2005. He's also the host of Maintainable Podcast, the writer behind Robby on Rails, and the creator of the wildly popular framework, Oh My Zsh.

Are you trying to sell me something?​

We promise never to try to upsell or push our services on you. But! Planet Argon does provide Rails-related services, so if you want to chat, reach out. Robby's always up for talking shop.

How much does this course cost?

FREE! So you've got nothing to lose.

How long is the course?

Maintainable Rails Email Course is currently...endless. While you can expect to receive an email from Robby a few times per month, he's always adding new content as it comes up. We'll continue to add new lessons to the course as long as developers find value in what they're reading.

🫶 Testimonials

“I like the fact your emails are short, covers only one topic each, and have few links. Also, thanks for the huge ruby/rails survey interpretation video.” -Juliette N.
“The emails are great, I always read them top to bottom. Thanks!” -Josh F.
“I really enjoy reading your newsletter. Often times it deals with situations I experienced myself in the past. Great content!” -Milos B.
“I love the kind of topics you are covering. I personally refer to them as real-rails-world-problems, and I've always felt that there is not much coverage about those topics.” -Sabri B.

🚀 About the Creator

Robby (on Rails) Russell is the creator of Oh My Zsh, host of the Maintainable Software Podcast, and CEO of Planet Argon, a software consultancy offering fractional Ruby on Rails development services. He has been an active Ruby on Rails community member since early 2005, writing as Robby on Rails for many years.

Photo of Robby Russell holding up a Oh My Zsh coaster over one eye.

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